Friday, 12 February 2010

Ok Im not too sure how to do this with all the pics Im not the most technical minded girl (who is eh?)

Anyway not so much of an outfit post today as Friday is my cleaning day (well everyday is my cleaning day but Friday I do all the big stuff!)...Im only here due to one word...avoidence! lol just wearing blue jeggings, butterfly vest long stripey cardi and ankle boots when I go out. So pretty boring but functional really. Above is a pic of me to show off my new hair colour (sorry it should come with a health warning! I have very little make up on and I was up at 5.30!!) Gone red but not as red as I wanted- I wanted proper red! Anyway Im growing use to it, even if I do need a haircut.

Thought I would share a pic of my recent ebay purchases...Im a bit obsessed with ebay at the minute, who doesnt love bargain hunting whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home? And my recent selling stint has given me some healthy sums in my paypal account (and paypal money isnt like real money is it til its transferred over to the bank- thats my excuse and Im sticking to it!)

Saw this skirt at the last minute no one had bid one it and I won it for the princley sum of 99p! Its a tad short though so not sure what to do with it... and my lovely new pearl necklace again another 99p last mintue ebay!

I read the news today oh boy..... About a lucky man who made the grade

Well hello and welcome to my blog! Inspired lovely member's of MSE fashion forum I have decided to create my own blog to diary my random thought's, mood's and possibly fears I experience day to day. Clothes and shoes will feature heavily in this blog so if thats not your thing look away now!

Ok so to begin heres some random pics of the last time we went to the beach and did a bit of "wave watching". Theres something about the sea that makes me feel very small and insignificant but also very much alive...anyway enough about that mushy stuff....