Thursday, 11 March 2010

My odds are stacked.... I'll go back to black ....

Happy Thursday everyone!

Suns shining again and the weatherman has predicted the temperatures will reach the giddy heights of 10 degree this afternoon...oh my that feels positively tropical after the past few months! just a quick outfit post today as I have so much to do this morning!

Yeah.... so.... as the title suggest I have gone back to black...I cant help it its an affliction I must live with...and I cant live without black! so given that I'm supposed to be pushing myself I teamed todays black with some colour. Excuse my face as I have no eye make up on since my hayfever seems to have started early booo!!

I'm wearing:

Black skirt with rose print- Primark purchased last week.
Black v neck top- again Primark
green tights- oops Primark again..
pink scoop neck cardigan- Peacocks- ancient but I love it- it has a tie waist but I tied this at the back.

Black ruffle front pumps- Tescos.

Imitation pearl necklace with gold bow- Asda (Im also wearing pearl drop earrings that match this).

So there you go. A very girlie twirly outfit today :)

I promise I will have the giveaway up soon...dotn get too excited it will onyl be an ickle one...and I also promise to try and post about something other than my clothes...maybe I will show you how far our seedlings have come tomorrow or something? lol

Have a good day everyone :)