Tuesday, 20 April 2010

All the small things......

Well hello! Remember me?

Sorry been a bad bad blogger of late, I have zero time to fit in blogging as the kids have been of school for 2 weeks holidays. But they are back to school now so Im back hurrah!

Not much to post really as didnt wear anything very interesting over the hols. I did however do a small (think tiny) project Ive been meaning to do on this dress

I bought for pennies on ebay. It was listed as a 14 but when I got it its more like a 18-20 and was massive on me- it literally fell off my shoulders when I put it on! Its such a nice dress and great for the Spring/ Summer that I knew I needed to do a small amount of adjusting on it.

So out came my pin tin (inherieted from my Great Auntie- still use her button box and tin sewing box too)and some glittery fabric flowers (bought from ebay) in a bright blue to contrast against the grey of the dress.

The dress has an attached cotton lining so a LOT of pins were needed to hem both fabrics

It doesnt show too well on this pic but I basically folded the fabric on the neckline and sewed under, then to cover any stich marks ( yes thats red thread I realised when I started I only had red or orange in my sewing box! Need to stock up!) I covered with the fabric flowers

I was off out with my friends on Saturday night and since the weather was so nice it was the perfect dress to wear

Ok I know its nothing spectacular but Im pretty pleased with the result given I havent done anything like this in a long time! I have a couple of other pieces of clothing that need adjusting/ customising soon so hopefully I will get time to do them- think Ive found a new hobby!

Ok so I will endevoour to blog some more tomorrow!

Have a good day everyone :)