Friday, 19 February 2010

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey, Ive been for a walk, on a winters day.......

Hi everyone TGIF!!

Havent been up to much today had to take both boys to my mums (she lives 30 miles away so its a day out lol) as they are staying there til Sunday as a mini half term thing. Jasmine is going to her grandparents tomorrow to stop overnight so Jamie and I will be child free for a whole night...something thats only happened a total of 3 times in the 6 years we have been together!

What are we planning? Well probably a curry and the flicks haha boring, safe, but fun!

Anyway todays outfit I wanted something that was comfortable but also pushed me a wee bit. So I wore a dress that I bought a few weeks back in the Peacocks sale but this time I wore it with tights not leggings and decided to rebel against the snow that covered the ground again when I woke up and put on a pair of funky purple pumps! Bare in mind I was only planning on going out in the car today if I was walking ther would be no way Id risk ruining my shoes it would be back on with the trusty boots from yesterday! Accesorised with a lovely little purple butterfly on a silver chain that the kids got me last Mothers day, purple earings and a stack of indian stlye purple bangles. Excuse the house and home style pose lol.. Sharon is standing in her delightful kitchen filled with paintings done by a 3 year

and I took a pic of my face as my make up looked alright this morning, my hair is curlyish again as was yesterday.

Right must get ebaying again already listed 15 things, and to watch Lost......Have a great Friday night whatever you are doing!