Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I feel inclined to blow my mind .Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Well all I can say today is bluergh!

Im in a real dilema over my outfit today, I really dont know about this top. Ive tried various ways of wearing it, mostly tucked into flared jeans, but today I decided to team it with my trusty skinnies. But I just dont know if I feel right in it? Maybe I need to get rid? I do love it for its hippy style and comfy shape. Firstly I tried it with a wide slouchy belt worn low on my hips, then tried it without....mmmmm dunno, this it makes me look too big...what do you think? Keep it or ebay it? If you had this top how would you wear it?

Along with my skinny jeans I wore my flat moccasin stlye boots with tassles, a green and cream disk necklace and a pair of silver buttefly earrings.

Baking didnt get underway yesterday so thats the job for this afternoon plus I have bought more veg to make a batch of soup.....may upload some pics of my muffins later if they turn out ok.

Excuse the orbs on the main shots they are always tons when I take a pic in my living room lol