Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Jean Genie....

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Weather is still bad here, roads are ok but the pavements are still full of ice/ snow. Im so bored of winter now it used to be my favourite season but Ive gone beyond being over the snow now.

My outfits seem so boring at the minute as they are totally dictated to by the weather. So I tried to bring some sunshine into my life via my outfit today.

I wore: Lemon and white checked cotton smock top- M+S via ebay
Purple roll sleeve cropped cardi- Next (bought full price when I had money- I now think of all the things I could have bought with the price of this one cardi lol).
Dark blue skinny flare jeans M+S via ebay- I love M+S jeans they fit so well- these ones were too long so I chopped them and hemmed them with wonderweb lol
Brown long pirate boots- Clarks - via ebay.

Double wrap purple and red stone necklace
butterfly ring (tried to get a good pic of this but this was the best I could get), its so big now I have to wear it on my thumb but I love it so much I wont get rid of it until I find an equally pretty alternative!
small pink stone love heart earrings
and my pink sequin beret when I went out (and my coat of course but thats black and boring so I havent pictured that!).

Plan to do some baking this afternoon with the little un- either banana bread or banana muffins- something with bananas anyway as I have a few on the turn.

How do you all keep yourselves going outfit wise in this dreary prolonged season? any tips most appreciated!

Have a good day everyone :)