Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Static and silence and a monochrome vision......

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Hope you are all well.I mananged to buy some party invitation this morning (butterfly ones haha) and was very good did not go home via all the clothes shops or even upstairs to the clothes department at Tescos...went in got invite's and came home *polishes halo and feels smug*. So thats one thing ticked off the list for Jasmine's birthday party!

Todays outfit is totally unispired I pulled it all out this morning and thought that matches I will wear that. Im not going anywhere this afternoon just cleaning etc so comfy fits the bill.

Im wearing: Black and white swirl print jersey dress- Next via ebay. I have a love/hate relationship with this dress, on one hand I love it for its comfy stretchy jersey and the print, on the other I hate it when it clings so much and shows off all my bulges! This came with the black belt I am wearing with it...but it had no less than 5 belt loops around it which made the belt sit too high for my liking so I cut them all off. Becasue of this I have nowhere to tuck the end of the belt I belted it and looped it over into a knot effect...I think it looks quite good.

Over this I wore a cropped ruched sleeve cardi I bought from ebay the other day.
Black leggings which are a staple in my life and my black pumps bought from Tescos the other day.

Jewellery is a long necklace with black and silver beads, small square black studs and a chunky bangle.

All very matchy matchy and all very safe! I wish I could experiment more with colour but Im so scared of getting it wrong!

I realy feel I should set myself some sort of challenge with regards to these black leggings as I alway seem to fall back on them, and given I have some lovely coloured tights now I maybe should push myself to start wearing them? What do you think- do you want to set me a challenge for a week that will bring me out of my (black) comfort zone? All suggestions appreciated!

Have a good day everyone :)