Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Baggy Trousers......

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sun is shining and Ive been very productive this morning. Still cold (feel like its always going to be cold) but I always feel cheerier when the sun is out. I have done my food shop, bought birthday presents for a party on Saturday tidied up and hung the washing outside for the first time this year!

Todays outfit is casual again but no jeans so thats a bonus! I find it really hard to put a pretty dress on when I know Im not going anywhere special so its an effort not to reach for the jeans every morning. Excuse the circles under my eyes some lovely birds decided it was time for me to wake up at 5 this morning!

Today Im wearing:

brown checked wide leg trousers: Asda
white wrap shirt: Peacocks
grey lambswool tank top: Primark (somewhat stretched as I washed it on a too high setting- oops)
Long butterfly necklace
long earrings with purple discs

Purple patchwork wedge shoes- Clarks via ebay (I love these shoes and dont wear them enough), sorry for the dodgy pose couldnt get a good pic of them!

Grey nails by collection 2000 was found in a bargain bucket at Tescos yesterday at only 99p.

I will probably change the shoes for flats later as I want to take Jasmine out on her bike and these wedges however comfy, are not good for running after a 3 year old in!

Finally I thought I would share my winnings with you.

This little parcel came the other day courtesy of Alex at oddsocksandprettyfrocks blog...along with the make up and scarf she added a pair of love earrings which Im so pleased with as everyone was going on about them! So thank you Alex!

Have a good day in the sun everyone :)