Monday, 22 February 2010

It's too quiet in here and I'm beginning to freeze. I've got icicles hanging from my knees. Under fifteen feet of pure white snow.......

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope the weather is treating you well where you are!

We have had another bout of bad bad snow here- been snowing since 11am yesterday morning. Our drive to the school (10 miles across town) was put to a halt this morning when we failed to stop going down a hill!!

Luckily Jamie is a demon driver and managed to steer us into a verge next to a field...then we couldnt get back up the hill to go home and got stuck for half an hour!! So after a 20 mile detour (I kid you not) I have decided thats it way too dangerous out there and kept all 3 kids off for a snow day today. Mother Nature is now laughing at me behind her hand as we have had bright hazy sunshine since we got home....C'est la vie!

Anyway as a result of this my outfit today is not worth mentioning- think comfort, warmth and furry slippers a-gogo.

So I thought Id share in my latest ebay purchases.

Topshop Butterfly necklace, have been stalking this for a week now and was the only bidder on it.....dunno if that says much for my taste but I dont care I love it!

Shoes!! Ive been after a pair of black Mary Janes for a while now as the last pair I had were worn into the ground- I have a green pair but wanted black...when I saw these I thought they were an unusual alternative.

What do you think? Good purchase or bad choice?