Monday, 15 February 2010

She's my Tallahassee Lassie, down in F.L.A........

Happy Monday everyone!

First day of the half term school holidays here. Its 12 mid day and we have already been on a bike ride and watched (too many) episodes of Spongebob Squarepants (oops).

Anyway school hols need pratical clothing the kind that you dont mind getting grubby when you are trecking over freezing, sodden fields with 3 kids on their bikes (like this morning)...however I dont want to be living in jeans all week so Im going to have to be creative.

But today I have reverted to the usual uniform of jeans, shirt and boots (as I had literally 5 minutes to get dressed this monrning and seeing as Jamie went to work at 6.30 I sure as hell wasnt going to get dressed before he went so had to fit it in somehow...luckily I have 2 older kids who can be called upon (bribed) into watching their sister for a few minutes while mummy makes herself look like like a fairytale monster)..skinny flare jeans M and S via ebay, checked shirt Peacocks online sale, boots Clarks via ebay (I changed these however when we went out into old fake uggs for obvious reasons so kinda cheating here lol) long butterfly necklace- next gifted, stack of wooden bangles- various- trying not to let my 3 year old pinch these as she invairably does and I spend half the night looking for them usually to be found under the sofa or behind the tv.... Sorry for my moody face today this was the millionth picture I had taken trying to get a good shot and I have red eye but who cares!...Im getting there but Im no David Bailey yet!

Hope you all have a pleasant Monday! x