Tuesday, 16 February 2010

He was a star collector, she knew about the skies. He was a tightrope walker, she was the talk of the town....

Hi everyone hope you are all well. Day 2 of the school holidays and everyone has survived (will countdown til schools back in this big brother meets Zombie film mode I think lol)

Anyway Im exhausted so just a quick outfit post today, we have been out most of the day from 10 this morning to a museaum, the park then the beach. I really love where I live and try to make the most of the fact we have the countryside on our doorstep and the beach 20 minutes away. But boy fresh air is exhausting!

So anyway to stop myself from getting in the jeans and tshirt rut I decided the only thing that would help was a dress and high boots! Maybe not practical for running around after kids (was especially funny trying to run after Jasmine in the park in these boots- not lol)

Pretty muted colourwise: Ditsy print gysy style dress- bargain 99p ebay-yayay, plain black long sleeve tshirt under and black leggings...teamed with my brown boots from yesterday (Im so boring with my shoes at the minute I have too many but tend to pick up the last thing I wore...need to set myself a challenge on this I think). Long silver heart pendant which is old and battered as when I used to wear it to work and it always clanged off my desk when I sat down...but I think its battered state adds to its charm, some double layered diamonte heart earrings (tried to get a pic of thes but camera wasnt playing) and because I have to have a butterfly somewhere on me at all times (well except for the tattoo of one I have on my shoulder) a buttefly clip in my messed up hair. Please excuse the staet of my horrible carpet its awful and getting replaced soon! I dont live in a pigsty really and will try to get some pics done tomorrow in my lovely decorated downstairs lol

Right off to plan tomorrows day out *yawn*

PS I will leave you with a pic of Jasmine on Muffin the Mule- just cause shes too cute not to brighten up anyones day! (even if she has a slightly demonic look in her red eyes lol)