Friday, 26 February 2010

Nothing to do but frown rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Happy Friday everyone!

Now I know its Friday and not Monday but judging by the miserable weather today this song lyric was pretty apt. Im run down and feel full of cold so a quick trip to Tescos this morning to buy a multi vit and some eichenea (sp??). I also had a nose upstairs at the vast clothes section and I found these shoes. Ive been after some black flat pumps for a while but wanted something a little bit different, and these fit the bill perfectly. At £10 they are very reasonable and I will get loads of wear out of them (well I will if the rain/ snow ever stops?). they look patent in the pic but they are leather (well pleather lol).

So on a roll I decided to nip into Peacocks before I headed home and got these colbat blue tights in the sale a bargain at £1.50. I think they will go great with my black pencil skirt and the black pumps as Im going to try the nautical look. All I need to do is get some brass buttons to change the plain black ones on my skirt and maybe a stripey vest top and a red cardi?

Anyway not much of a haul but its cheered me up! Today I went for comfy as I slept badly and woke up late (story of my life).

Im wearing: black and white flower tunic dress- Oasis via ebay. This did have one of those tie things you tie at the back but I cut it off as it was so bulky and I think they add pounds anyway.
Scoop neck 3/4 length sleeve top- Matalan.
black leggings- Tescos (it was cold out though so I think I will chuck some tights on under these when I go out again later).

And to contrast the black I decided to go clashing with my outerwear. So I wore my electric blue mac and pink sequin beret. My butterfly brown bag and some brown jewellery completes the outfit. boring brown boots again but these are so good for this weather!

I have a busy afternoon ahead as Jasmine has her first dance class this afternoon, I really hope she enjoys it.

Have a good day everyone!