Tuesday, 20 April 2010

All the small things......

Well hello! Remember me?

Sorry been a bad bad blogger of late, I have zero time to fit in blogging as the kids have been of school for 2 weeks holidays. But they are back to school now so Im back hurrah!

Not much to post really as didnt wear anything very interesting over the hols. I did however do a small (think tiny) project Ive been meaning to do on this dress

I bought for pennies on ebay. It was listed as a 14 but when I got it its more like a 18-20 and was massive on me- it literally fell off my shoulders when I put it on! Its such a nice dress and great for the Spring/ Summer that I knew I needed to do a small amount of adjusting on it.

So out came my pin tin (inherieted from my Great Auntie- still use her button box and tin sewing box too)and some glittery fabric flowers (bought from ebay) in a bright blue to contrast against the grey of the dress.

The dress has an attached cotton lining so a LOT of pins were needed to hem both fabrics

It doesnt show too well on this pic but I basically folded the fabric on the neckline and sewed under, then to cover any stich marks ( yes thats red thread I realised when I started I only had red or orange in my sewing box! Need to stock up!) I covered with the fabric flowers

I was off out with my friends on Saturday night and since the weather was so nice it was the perfect dress to wear

Ok I know its nothing spectacular but Im pretty pleased with the result given I havent done anything like this in a long time! I have a couple of other pieces of clothing that need adjusting/ customising soon so hopefully I will get time to do them- think Ive found a new hobby!

Ok so I will endevoour to blog some more tomorrow!

Have a good day everyone :)

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I don't care about the cameras, I don't care about the lights. All I wanted was an ordinary life.....

Happy Wednesday everyone!

WARNING this post is picture heavy so try to stay awake! lol

Been having a hard time trying to fit blogging into everyday life...it doesnt help that I can only update my pics on the pc and not the laptop and the pc is soooo old and take a year to warm up!

Anyway yesterday it was raining and generally miserable so my outfit was somewhat casual. I wore:

Skinny jeans- New Look via ebay
long purple tunic top with face print and tie neck- Asda
black vest under- Primark
red and white converse style shoes- Next bought eons ago

Worn with my mac- this mac has literally starting paying for itself as it goes with everything and is so easy to wear- bought from Asda last year for £15 and worn a million times since then!

Todays outfit is a little more "dressed"...Im not going anywhere or doing anything but Im starting to feel more comfortable wearing an easy dress round the house than jeans (the jeans yesterday were taken off when I got home off the school run and replaced with joggers- they dig in lol)

Im wearing:

Blue ditsy print chiffon dress- ebay (think i got this for a silly price of 99p or something)

Black ruched sleeve cropped cardigan- ebay again.

Black wide waist belt- ha guess where? Yes Ebay! Need a new one of these as Ive had to create a new hole and its still too big for me!

diamond pattern tights- god knows where these are from they are so old- and a tad too big so may have to go on the recycling/ charity pile after I wear and wash them. Excuse the close up of my legs its the only way the apttern would show up!

Long antique style necklace- accessorize- Xmas present from the in laws

And my green wooden heel mary jane shoes- these drew some funny looks this morning dunno why?!

And now for some finds! Well I say finds I havent bought these recently they were found in the storage box on top of my wardrobe....I showed you on the last post my lovely wedges so that was find number one!

Find number 2: 50's style peeptoe slingback sandals with slight wedge heel:

I think these would go really well with my white floral dress in the summer?

Find number 3: Excuse the picture the camera doesnt like the colour of these (and my tights look all bobbly there which they arent)...Deep red velvet shoes with round toe and kitten heel. I bought these last year (or maybe the year before?) off ebay the seller said she bought them for a red nose day at work and only wore them once...they really are beautiful and I cant wait to wear them...not sure what with yet.

so there you go sorry for the mega long post and I hope you havent fallen asleep! What have you found recently that was stored away and you had forgotten about? Id love to know!

Have a good day everyone!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Tell me what can you want now you've got it all.

Happy Monday everyone!

Had a mega busy weekend so havent had any time to update. Had Jasmines 4th birthday party on Saturday, it was loud, chaotic and utterly fantastic! I think everyone had a great time and since we did things differently from everyone elses parties, (we had a disco they normally have a bouncy castle- but bouncy castles terrify me- broken bones and head bangs- eek!!) we have raised the benchmark for kiddies parties! lol The only problem is how to top it next year?

So a quick post with todays and yesterdays outfit (didnt get the chance to take pics of Saturdasy but I am assured my mother in law took lots of pics so will update that outfit wehn she emails them over to me).

Yesterday I had to accompany my other half to a windy freezing car lot to lok at this car he just had to see..Meh modern cars I can take them or leave them, we both love old cars though and I will happily spend all day lusting over old Triumphs and Morris Minors and dream of the day we can afford a house with a garage again so we can get one!

Anyway my outfit had to be functional so I wore:

Blue bootcut jeans- M and S via ebay
black v neck short sleeve tshirt- Primark

Chocolate brown velvet jacket (yes I got one after hunting for one for what would seem forever my mother in law dropped of a big bag of clothes to ebay and this was in it...decided it was much better on my back than a few pound in my pocket and snaffled it up!)

Teamed with tiger print scarf and my oversized sequin bag (really need to change my bag at some point)

And my leopard print pumps with black socks as it was cold!

todays outfit is something I threw together this morning as I didnt have a lot of time to mess around. Im wearing today:

Black silky feel skirt- Love Label via ebay (this is a tad see through but is ok teamed with tights and a coat but I will have to get some kind of slip to wear this in the summer)

Black v neck jumper- Primark
Long turquiose necklace- have no idea so old.
silver hoop earrings

Grey herringbone pattern tights- so old I cant remember where I got these but I think they are either Matalan or Primark.
Black patent pointed toe flat shoes- again years old bought from La Redoute- they are fab and have lasted years of wear.

I also had a mooch through the 2 boxes of shoes/ boots I have on top of my wardrobe that are not really suitable for eveyday wear to see if there was anything I could use now. I dug out my brown wedges I bought last year.

They are Clarks via ebay. I wondering if I could get away with wearing them now as Ive seen others wearing wedges...How would you wear them to make them suitable for this British Spring?

Have a good one everyone :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

And I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget ,back and forth through my mind behind a cigarette......

Happy Thursday everyone!

Miserable day here boo! Feel like a wannabe weather woman with my constant reports so will make an effort to not mention the weather for the next few days lol....well maybe...

Busy busy busy here just got in from the shops had to buy some stuff for Jasmines birthday party on Saturday. It was her birthday last Saturday but we couldn't get the hall for then so she is like the Queen and is having 2 birthdays this year.

Quick outfit post I took these pics at 7.15 this morning as I knew I wouldnt get the time today otherwise... I think I look alright considering Id only been up half an hour lol

Im wearing:

Paisley print tunic by Dorothy Perkins via Ebay. I bought this the other week and we excited to get it...unfortunately when it arrived it stank of smoke! Im mean really reeked! It was listed as new without tags and quite frankly thats not new in my opinion. I emailed the seller though who was lovely and she refunded the postage costs to me...so got it very cheap! A quick wash and its as good as new (and smelling nice lol). Teamed with my jeggings and green boots just because the weather is so awaful. I wanted to wear a skirt and my turquoise tights today but its too miserable for that....oops there I go weather again lol.

I wore my green bomber jacket, tiger print scarf when I went out. M hair is back with a brown hairband. I look a little piggy in that pic though :(

and my long butterfly necklace and a stack of wooden bangles.

Im currently rocking out to some tunes on my mp3 player. I have quite an eclectic taste in music ranging from original Brit pop, to Northern Soul and some random punk (not like me you would think but my best mates an old school punk rocker so thats her influence!). Im probably going to share some of my favourite tunes with you through this blog and would love to hear what others listen to.

The lyrics to this post are from this song:

My mate and I used to hum this tune when we were peed off at work, especially the first line lol..good tune to turn up loud when you need a pick me up.

Anyway must dash got tons of stuff still to do!

Have a good one everyone! :)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

She poured the drinks and she poured the power. Diamond girl who could talk for hours......

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been AWOL again (it seems a trend for me now) I havent been very well over the weekend and unable to do anything but sit and sleep!

Slightly better today still feel totally wiped out though have to get on with it..

Yesterdays outfit was completely thrown together as I didnt feel all there- I wanted to wear tights with this skirt but it was blowing a gale outside so though leggings may have been wiser.

I wore:

Floral ditsy print ruched hem skirt- bought in the Matalan sale about a month ago...not sure about this skirt yet i think its too puffy, would probably be better for the summer with sandals and a vest. Wore with black leggings, brown cami and black v neck top. My trusty black ruffle pumps. Like I say I wasnt "all there" when I chose this...

my hair is tied back as it was so windy. I wore my green and cream butterfly necklace and matching drop earrings.

todays outfit is casual...I wasnt going to blog this but after a recent discussion with the fashion girls on MSE where the point was made that we should show what we wear everyday whether it is glam or not. So hope you arent too bored lol

Im wearing:

Skinny jeans from new Look via ebay. Long grey pinstripe boyfriends shirt-Peacocks (not bought in the sale this shirt cost me £14!!- thats a lot for me and I dont do that very often lol). Knitted long waistcoat with slouchy pockets- ebay. This has a twisted halterneck which Ive tried to show in the first pic.

Green beads and my flower dangly earrings and my leopard print pumps. I wore my mac and a tigerskin patterned scarf when I went out.

And now a small idea thats just occured to when I was typing this up. A lot of my lovely followers are mad keen on reading, so Im thinking we should do a kind of book club thing...not that we have to read the same book and discuss it but maybe we do a book of the month (or every 2 days/one week if you are me and read avidly?!). Would be nice to see on other blogs what everyone is reading and get some new ideas for new reading material?

So this week I am reading a book I bought last year totally on a whim as I liked the synopsis. We have so many books in this house that certain ones tend to get overlooked for a while then its a treasure to find when tidying up.

Im currently reading this: Fiddleback by J.M Morris.

Ive never heard of this author before and I still dont know if they are male or female (have a feeling they are female though). Like I say it was bought on a whim and its a good little book. Its about a young woman who goes to search for her missing brother who seems to have vanished of the face of the earth. She finds herself in a small village in Yorkshire where her brother recently moved to from London...she discovers a lot of strange stuff going on in this village, and a lot of terryfying things happens to her, its all very pyschological...I cant explain it too much as there is a brilliant twist at the end, I love stories with a sting in the tail! Its nothing out of this world but a good book to curl up with at night (well I like to be a bit scared so this is good for me lol.)

Oh and check out my buttefly bookmark- bought at a recent trip to a museam.

So anyone else like to carry this onto their blogs? We could do it once a month even?

Have a great day everyone :)

Friday, 19 March 2010

Springtime is on my mind, Flowers blooming, all the time

Happy Friday everyone! Yay!

I apologise for the awful lyrics quote but I wanted something springlike and couldnt think of anything else!

Im feeling all happy today, the sun is shining (the wind is blowing but Im again ignoring that), the crocuses are blooming and it looks like the weather is finally changing (albeit with the wind). Ha probably jinxed it now!

To reflect this Im wearing:

White floral dress- Peacocks in the sale- had this ages and its just sat in my wardobe, the problem with it is it has a cutaway back with a big bow, which is lovely but the cutaway bit rests just where my bra strap is- not a good look!I tried to get a pic of this but everyone made it look cheap and tacky which is isnt really.

To conteract this and make it more for daytime, I have teamed this up with a brown cami underneath, black leggings and my cropped ruched sleeve cardi.
I may change it for my pink cardi though as that seems to go better.

I wore my purple pumps with this and my mac and scarf as of yesterdays outfit. My battered long heart necklace and diamonte heart earrings complete the look.

My hair is a MESS Im sick of it its too long the fringe is all outgrown and has to be tied back all the time...so I have decdied to get it cut at the end of the month (if I can get an appointment)...not sure what to go for need something easy to do, not too short but not too long...any suggestions my lovelies?

Have a great days everyone :)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight In the shadow of your heart

Happy Thursday everyone!

Sorry been bad blogger and been AWOL again the past few days to be honest I haven't been wearing anything worth picturing (well in my opinion) so I haven't bothered.

Still to get myself out of the jeans rut I have suffered over the past few days I decided the only thing to do was go with something that takes me out of my comfort zone as after all people will see me when I go out.

I had a confidence crash last night when trying to choose my outfit today but decided to just go for it, I mean whats the worst that could happen eh?

So today I'm wearing:

Black wrap dress: New Look via ebay
black cami under (for modesty lol)
black ruffle front pumps (I love these they are such a good staple item in my wardrobe!)
and *fanfare* bright bright blue tights! The pic show these as slightly darker but they are proper neon blue!
turquoise long necklace, dangly turquoise earrings and a turquoise wooden bangle.

to go with the bright blue I wore when I went out:

My bright mac, white sequin scarf and my over sized sequin bag (with added charms as the previous blog post shows)

I have tried to get a pic of my eye make up just a flick of turquiose eyeliner, it really suits my blue eyes I think.

I felt rather self conscious when I went out but my Oh said I looked lovely (his reaction was actually WOW you look great I love it!)...so I thought stuff it let people look if they want! And they did! I got some funny sidewards glances and one guy looked at me like I had grown two heads and threaten to eat his children! But hey I kind of like people looking at me now lol

And as promised as its Thursday I will announce the winner of my giveaway!

the winner is *drumroll*

..........Vix aka the lovely inspiring Vintage Vixen! Congratulations huni email me your details and i will pop your goodies in the post :)

So that's me for today what do you think of the outfit? Did I get it right?

Have a great day everyone :)