Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sun in the sky you know how I feel......

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Its a glorious day here the sun is shining, its still cold but its lovely out and its lifted my mood now end!

I went to the shops this morning to have a look. Admitedly I went to buy party invitations but seemed to get distracted by the 1/2 price sale at Matalan (oops). They had loads of lovely stuff in the sale I could have spent a fortune, but I was quite restrained I think. Most of the Beau (?) range was half price, I put this down to the fact that 99% of the population round here go round in trainers and jogging bottoms- no one seems to wear coloured tights, skirts or pretty florals. Oh well all the more for me!

Rooting around I found a full rail of these beautiful skirts. At £7.00 I had to have one. It has the same hem design as the dress I wore to the wedding on Saturday, and since I had so many lovely comments on the shape I thought why not? I think it will look fab with coloured tights and my black pumps- or when its summer equally lovely with a vest and some flip flops (I actually have some nice ones that I already know will go with it)- see Im learning!

Speaking of tights I have been looking to build on my collection- though Im still nervous about wearing coloured tights out (daft isnt it?). So when I saw these ones at only £1.50 each I grabbed them! The ones on the right are actually proper turqouise ones that I have been searching for for what seems like forever. I also got some Argyle patterned ones as I love that pattern and they will go with anything.

I also got this lovely ring, its purple with a floral pattern and it fits me! All my other rings are too big so it was nice to find one that fits on a finger and not a thumb!

Anyway to justify this mini spend I have decided to transfer the amount I paid from the paypal balance to the bank account- so Im spend neutral- right?? lol

I really really really want this though! Its soooo gorgeous in real life but I could only justify buying it if we get a proper summer as I doubt I would wear it otherewise- still gorgeous though- need to sell some more stuff on ebay me thinks!

Oh and I never found any party invites I liked haha!

So todays outfit was inspired my Alex at oddsockandprettyfrocks and her haul yesterday (still after that pretty pretty polka dot dress). I decided to wear my Primark floral tea dress. I have a small problem with this dress in that its a wee bit too small for me...so much so the button round my middle tends to pop open every now and then- eek!oh well diet time again I think! Hence why I have put a long sleeve t shirt under. I was going to wear some grey tights with this but as you can see the dress is short! So on go the trusty leggings...I think i need to set myself a challenge of no leggings for a week or so? What do you think? I wore this with my long pirate boots, pink beret (and matching scarf) and my black coat as it was still frosty ooutside this morning. I wore my vintage stlye butterfly necklace, small gold effect drop earrings and a couple of stretchy bangles (I need more jewellery!).

(excuse Gromit in the backgorund having a snooze lol)


So there you go- have fun in the sun today everyone! x