Saturday, 6 March 2010

Stand by my accusations, I'll come clean I don't need no vice....

Happy Saturday everyone!

Sorry for being AWOL the past 2 days my lovely OH decided to take the camera to work with him yesterday so no pics for me! And life has been busy as usual so this is the first chance I have had to sit down and update!

Anyway I will post my outfit from Thursday-officially day one of the no black waistdown challenge (dum de dumm dumm!!) I must admit Im already struggling with this as my black leggings are my default piece of clothing if Im unsure of something!

Anyway I didnt go all out there with colour Im afraid! I wore:

Blue skinny jeans- New Look via ebay
pink cami top- so old cant remember!
nude coloured chiffon ruffle front blouse- this is from my former bigger days- its an 18 (eep) but its so floaty I can still get away with wearing it now as a looser style (beleive me it was'nt loose before!)- and since nudes are in now I thought I would try and bring it back to life.
purple and pink snakeskin pumps- Priceless- love them for cheapy shoes!

Green leather look bomber jacker- about 99p off ebay.
green and silver scarf
brown and gold thread slouchy hat

So there you go not a pick of black in sight! Ok so not as adventurous as some but I like it!

I went to the big Primark at the Metro Centre on Thursday as I wanted to get a couple of basics. Well I did get basics but a couple of other things too (oops). I got:

Rose print skirt with gold waistband. Bottle green tights (50p) they say Khaki on the pack but they are green.

2 basic vests one white, one black. Saw the other vest on the left and couldnt resist it- it has got a butterfly back afterall! At only £4.00 its a bargain!

Basic black v neck (I love these basic tops they wash really well) one stripey v neck top (thinking can nautical this up?lol)

Ditsy print vest with tie shoulders and a stack of green stretchy bangles- just because lol.

So a mini haul, but I have been doing a lot of mini hauling at the minute and its all adding up! Im going to have to become pennywise again and rein myself in. I have realised I now own more than enough stuff to mix and match, I could do with some more basic vest etc when the summers here but that still seems a long time off!

I have a few things left over from my bigger days that I am thinking of talioring to suit me now. I will endevour to post some pics of these items over the next few day to see what you think and how I could alter or refashion them!

Have a great Saturday night everyone!