Friday, 12 March 2010

I don't claim to be perfect - I know I'm damaged goods, but I wanna be let out of darkness, just like every lady would

Happy Friday everyone!

Yeah! This week has gone so quick for me...Im looking forward to the weekend especially Sunday as the boys of the house are off to the footie (Sunderland v Man city) and Jas is at the in laws so its just going to be meeee.....all alone on Mothers day! Reiss asked me the other day what my perfect present was and I said some peace and quiet haha, look like I got it! I will have to think of things to do with myself!

I have received my first award! Yay!

I received this from the lovely Alex of I am supposed to share my fantasy bag with you all..erm ok here goes.

Ok I must admit Im not a designer whore.I dont hanker after any of the Spring/ Summer fashions that were on the catwalk and I dont (*gasps of horror) really give a damn about London fashion week.....but when it comes to bags I have big dreams. And I dream of a Chloe! Ever since I saw a picture of a Paddington I have wanted one, and currently this is my favourite!

A snip at a mere £895, I can buy 2 right?? Ah a girl can dream cant she? Actually to be honest if I did have that money to spend I would have a problem with my conscience buying something that expensive, I would have to donate the equivelant to chairty..... but its soooo pwetty!!!

I think Im supposed to tag some others in this so I nominate the lovely Laura from, D from and Charlotte from girls confess whats your dream bag?? Apologises I dont know how to do fancy link like the others lol

So onto todays outfit I am laughing in the face of the wind and rain today and wearing something springlike. I will probably regret this when I come home this afternoon freezing and soaked but heyho!

Im wearing:

Long tshirt top from ebay tucked into a cream, pink and green patterned skirt. I wasnt too sure if this would work as the top is a baggy shape so I have belted it in with a chunky stretchy belt. thick tights were needed and all the colours I have didnt match so I opted for black.

Green mary jane shoes as I didnt want to wear boots (again).

My lovely in laws got me this necklace for Christmas, I love it as it has an antique/ vintage look to it.

I tied my hair back as theres not much point in this weather trying to do it as it tangles up so easily. I wore my blue mac when I went out.

I wanted to share another little something I got from my lovely mother in law. She actually gave me this to ebay but i decided it was far too nice for that and it goes really well on my slouchy bag. Its an oversized bag charm with flowers and a little bird. I have also attached a brooch I bought a while ago from Char at trexesandtiaras..I think it goes well.

So...onto my mini giveaway...its not much but a few little things I thought would be appreciated to celebrate my getting to 20 followers:

The winner will receive:

Green sequin scarf, Snake skin print card wallet from Accesorize, some body lotion and shower gel from the body shop in White Musk and sweet Clementine body scrub (smells yummy!). A purple sparkley make up/toiletry bag to put it all in. And a lovely black hairband with sequin bow.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment for me below and let me know what is your favourite piece of clothing and why?

So enough from me after this mega long post! Enjoy your day no matter what you do :)

Ps you can enter my giveaway til Wednesday next week when I will announce a winner Good luck!:)