Saturday, 13 February 2010

I see a red door and I want it painted black, no colours anymore I want them to turn black

Happy Saturday all! Wet and miserable day here. Eldest son is having friends over so my living room will be filled with 12 year old boys squabbling over xbox games, so I am planning a lovely afternoon by myself rearranging my wardrobe (ie hiding from all of them).

Title of this post is lyrics from Rolling Stones Paint it black...on those random quizzes you get on facebook and the like "what song are you" I always end up with this one...says a lot about me then! Music features as a big part of my life and I mostly walk around singing some random track to myself...I would much rather have my mp3 player on than the tv to fill the background with noise

Ok to todays outfit. I thought since I was in the house all day I may as well try out the new ebay bargain for shortness factor...So far its not too bad but Im wondering if the shape is too young for me? It reminds me of a ballet skirt with its shape so thought I would run with that and teamed it with a mock wrap tshirt that kind of looks like a ballet top...ok maybe not...maybe I just picked up the first thing that came to hand? Thick black tights accompany the outfit and my white pumps bought from Matalan last year and still going strong.... Silver butterfly necklace (looks gold in the pic but its a blingy diamond silver) and earrings as standard for me! What do you think?

I apologise for the random setting of the pics on here I still havent figured out what Im doing! Oh and excuse the broken door thats another job that needs doing round here.......Also I look like I have really dodgy make up on here but I dont it must be the lighting....

Whats everyone up to today?