Friday, 26 February 2010

Nothing to do but frown rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Happy Friday everyone!

Now I know its Friday and not Monday but judging by the miserable weather today this song lyric was pretty apt. Im run down and feel full of cold so a quick trip to Tescos this morning to buy a multi vit and some eichenea (sp??). I also had a nose upstairs at the vast clothes section and I found these shoes. Ive been after some black flat pumps for a while but wanted something a little bit different, and these fit the bill perfectly. At £10 they are very reasonable and I will get loads of wear out of them (well I will if the rain/ snow ever stops?). they look patent in the pic but they are leather (well pleather lol).

So on a roll I decided to nip into Peacocks before I headed home and got these colbat blue tights in the sale a bargain at £1.50. I think they will go great with my black pencil skirt and the black pumps as Im going to try the nautical look. All I need to do is get some brass buttons to change the plain black ones on my skirt and maybe a stripey vest top and a red cardi?

Anyway not much of a haul but its cheered me up! Today I went for comfy as I slept badly and woke up late (story of my life).

Im wearing: black and white flower tunic dress- Oasis via ebay. This did have one of those tie things you tie at the back but I cut it off as it was so bulky and I think they add pounds anyway.
Scoop neck 3/4 length sleeve top- Matalan.
black leggings- Tescos (it was cold out though so I think I will chuck some tights on under these when I go out again later).

And to contrast the black I decided to go clashing with my outerwear. So I wore my electric blue mac and pink sequin beret. My butterfly brown bag and some brown jewellery completes the outfit. boring brown boots again but these are so good for this weather!

I have a busy afternoon ahead as Jasmine has her first dance class this afternoon, I really hope she enjoys it.

Have a good day everyone!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

You're making me dizzy my head is spinning......

Happy Thursday everyone- or plastic Friday as we used to call it at work (yes I wished my days away til the weekend!)

Im knackered today no reson for it maybe too much cooking and washing up yesterday- wish we had a dishwasher!

Well after my disaterous outfit choice yesterday (well maybe not but made me feel awful) I decided I would go back to what I know suits me and that is a skirt! And what a skirt, I love it, I love it, I love it! Did I mention I love this skirt? Its so bright and cheers me up when I wera it. The last time I wore this I paired it with tights but instantly felt too, I dunno, vunerable? Its quite a thin cotton so will be great in summer but in this weather it has to be put over leggings. Its weird isnt it? Leggings are not that much thicker than tights but they instantly make me feel more secure, anyone else get that?

I really wanted to wear it with black tights and my green mary janes but have played it safe and gone for the leggings and biker boots. Im kidding myself that the boots toughen it up and dont make me look frumpy lol.

I have teamed this with a long sleeve black v neck top with a turquoise cami under for modesty as this tops kinda low. Green and white buttefly necklace and matching long dangly butterfly earrings (love these have to wear them with a certain outfit) so kept everything toned down to let the skirt do the talking!

Oh and theres also a pic of the muffins I made yesterday- they were a bit browner *cough burnt* on the top but they taste fine...well according to the kids and the man they do I havent had one yet. Excuse the massive cage in the pic thats my guinea pigs!

Anyway have a good day everyone!

Ps check out the swishy spinning pic I want to do this all day in this skirt!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I feel inclined to blow my mind .Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Well all I can say today is bluergh!

Im in a real dilema over my outfit today, I really dont know about this top. Ive tried various ways of wearing it, mostly tucked into flared jeans, but today I decided to team it with my trusty skinnies. But I just dont know if I feel right in it? Maybe I need to get rid? I do love it for its hippy style and comfy shape. Firstly I tried it with a wide slouchy belt worn low on my hips, then tried it without....mmmmm dunno, this it makes me look too big...what do you think? Keep it or ebay it? If you had this top how would you wear it?

Along with my skinny jeans I wore my flat moccasin stlye boots with tassles, a green and cream disk necklace and a pair of silver buttefly earrings.

Baking didnt get underway yesterday so thats the job for this afternoon plus I have bought more veg to make a batch of soup.....may upload some pics of my muffins later if they turn out ok.

Excuse the orbs on the main shots they are always tons when I take a pic in my living room lol

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Jean Genie....

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Weather is still bad here, roads are ok but the pavements are still full of ice/ snow. Im so bored of winter now it used to be my favourite season but Ive gone beyond being over the snow now.

My outfits seem so boring at the minute as they are totally dictated to by the weather. So I tried to bring some sunshine into my life via my outfit today.

I wore: Lemon and white checked cotton smock top- M+S via ebay
Purple roll sleeve cropped cardi- Next (bought full price when I had money- I now think of all the things I could have bought with the price of this one cardi lol).
Dark blue skinny flare jeans M+S via ebay- I love M+S jeans they fit so well- these ones were too long so I chopped them and hemmed them with wonderweb lol
Brown long pirate boots- Clarks - via ebay.

Double wrap purple and red stone necklace
butterfly ring (tried to get a good pic of this but this was the best I could get), its so big now I have to wear it on my thumb but I love it so much I wont get rid of it until I find an equally pretty alternative!
small pink stone love heart earrings
and my pink sequin beret when I went out (and my coat of course but thats black and boring so I havent pictured that!).

Plan to do some baking this afternoon with the little un- either banana bread or banana muffins- something with bananas anyway as I have a few on the turn.

How do you all keep yourselves going outfit wise in this dreary prolonged season? any tips most appreciated!

Have a good day everyone :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

It's too quiet in here and I'm beginning to freeze. I've got icicles hanging from my knees. Under fifteen feet of pure white snow.......

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope the weather is treating you well where you are!

We have had another bout of bad bad snow here- been snowing since 11am yesterday morning. Our drive to the school (10 miles across town) was put to a halt this morning when we failed to stop going down a hill!!

Luckily Jamie is a demon driver and managed to steer us into a verge next to a field...then we couldnt get back up the hill to go home and got stuck for half an hour!! So after a 20 mile detour (I kid you not) I have decided thats it way too dangerous out there and kept all 3 kids off for a snow day today. Mother Nature is now laughing at me behind her hand as we have had bright hazy sunshine since we got home....C'est la vie!

Anyway as a result of this my outfit today is not worth mentioning- think comfort, warmth and furry slippers a-gogo.

So I thought Id share in my latest ebay purchases.

Topshop Butterfly necklace, have been stalking this for a week now and was the only bidder on it.....dunno if that says much for my taste but I dont care I love it!

Shoes!! Ive been after a pair of black Mary Janes for a while now as the last pair I had were worn into the ground- I have a green pair but wanted black...when I saw these I thought they were an unusual alternative.

What do you think? Good purchase or bad choice?

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Friday, 19 February 2010

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey, Ive been for a walk, on a winters day.......

Hi everyone TGIF!!

Havent been up to much today had to take both boys to my mums (she lives 30 miles away so its a day out lol) as they are staying there til Sunday as a mini half term thing. Jasmine is going to her grandparents tomorrow to stop overnight so Jamie and I will be child free for a whole night...something thats only happened a total of 3 times in the 6 years we have been together!

What are we planning? Well probably a curry and the flicks haha boring, safe, but fun!

Anyway todays outfit I wanted something that was comfortable but also pushed me a wee bit. So I wore a dress that I bought a few weeks back in the Peacocks sale but this time I wore it with tights not leggings and decided to rebel against the snow that covered the ground again when I woke up and put on a pair of funky purple pumps! Bare in mind I was only planning on going out in the car today if I was walking ther would be no way Id risk ruining my shoes it would be back on with the trusty boots from yesterday! Accesorised with a lovely little purple butterfly on a silver chain that the kids got me last Mothers day, purple earings and a stack of indian stlye purple bangles. Excuse the house and home style pose lol.. Sharon is standing in her delightful kitchen filled with paintings done by a 3 year

and I took a pic of my face as my make up looked alright this morning, my hair is curlyish again as was yesterday.

Right must get ebaying again already listed 15 things, and to watch Lost......Have a great Friday night whatever you are doing!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

So what am I now I'm love last home, I'm all of the soft words I once owned

Happy Thursday everyone...almost the weekend wohoo!

Firstly thanks to everyone for their kind words and messages on yesterdays post. It really wasnt the reason I did it but Im glad I didnt depress you all too much! I woke up with a much more positive attitude this morning. The issues havent gone away they will probably always be there but I realised Im on my way to working it all out.

Anyway a quickie outfit post tonight as its late (well late for me!) and I really should be ebaying (selling not buying...yet).

I broke my no jeans rule though (but as it want offically cast in stone it doenst matter) but this was only because we woke to snow this morning! Only a little bit but still! i think you can see Im looking much happier in these then I have the past few days...your comments have really boosted me so thank you! And check it out a new pic location lol

Anyway casual as ever I wore: Skinny jeans- New Look via ebay,Long sleeve white tshirt for warmth! Long boyfriend shirt Peacocks, Wide elastic waist belt: erm think this was from ebay too.... oh dear too much ebay again......excuse the evil looking cat in the background thats just our Alfie :)

I left my hair to dry naturally today so its all curly and I pinned it up at both sides was a nice natural look.

My signature butterfly was around my neck in this beauty 3d effect pewter one.

My huge leopard print sequin bag that takes all the stuff I need for a day out with the kids!

And a shot of my trusty Aldo brown biker boots that I got from ebay. these have seen me through all the bad weather since I got them at the end of November.

So there you go like I said just a quickie but I will endevour to post more tomorrow. Bye for now! xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realise the strength, move on.”

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Ok first things first I have changed the name of this blog as I discovered there was a rather popular blog about textiles that had the same name as my old title (its got a facebook group and everything!) so changed.

Secondly the title of this post is a quote by Henry Rollins. Not someone who you immediately think I like being a hardcore punk rocker, but he says a lot of things that cut to the bone and quite frankly I like that.

Ok this may be long and garbled but Im using this blog as a tool to get out what I need to say and since I have no one who will listen Im all out on you readers (lol).

Quotes like this have gotten me through some tough times. I have come through a very volitile relationship with my ex. A relationship which was both emotionally and physically violent, Ive been through counselling, courts, sat in more police stations than I care to remember, had more meetings with social workers than most people have had hot dinners and ended fleeing to a refuge with my 2 young sons.

Now it occured to me last night that that period of my life ended 8 years ago.....8 years and yet I still dont feel like I have come through the other side. You are probably thinking what the hell does this have to do with clothes? Well the fact is I spent a great deal of my life being told what to wear, how to act, even how to talk and Im finding it really hard to get back in touch with the real me.

I want to find that vibrant young 19 year old again that loved life and had a dream to work in the theatre (I was studying permorming arts before I met my ex). This is so daft I will probably delete all this once I have typed it (dont know if Im brave enough to share all this). I feel like if I can start to wear thing I love and even fix my hair the way I want Im taking control of my life again.Its a small step for some, but a major leap for may think my outfits are uninspired but even wearing a skirt is a major thing for me.....

Anyway *breath* sorry once I started typing it all came out there...Im not looking for sympathy or for anyone to give me compliments, just maybe wanted to give a little of me to you that others dont know about.....I love my life at the minute, Jamie is wonderful and a total opposite to what I once had, i have a fantastic family and a lovely house...but old scars still run deep.....

Major kudos goes to without them I wouldnt be here. Its the only charity I dontate regulary too and I hope one day I can work with them whether on a voluntary basis or as a counsellor. Ok so lets draw a (virtual) line under all this, you dont need to be bogged down by all this...this is my little personal therapy just cos Im feeling a bit down tonight.


So...onwards to more frivilous things lol. Todays outfit was a casual to say the least! I wanted to feel comfortable for antoher day out with my family.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics I had to take them when I came in frazzled this afternoon so my hair is in major frizz mode! lol

I wore: Wide legged torusers with turn up detail in a gold and brown check-Asda
v neck slightly puffed sleeved jumper-Primark
black and gold patterned scarf- Primark

Tried to get a proper pic of the length/ style of the trousers here- apologies for my manky mirror (I do clean-honest!) lol

Teamed with leopard print pumps- Priceless. they are actually a suede effect it doesnt show up too well on the pics.

chunky bronze cuff with stones- have no idea where its from its so old lol

But hang on you say? Wheres the butterflies????

Ahh well they are here on my bag the only ebay item on my outfit today!

so there you go if you havent fallen asleep yet or turned you to drink thank you all for listening to my little whinge I promise a much more upbeat post tomorrow!!


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

He was a star collector, she knew about the skies. He was a tightrope walker, she was the talk of the town....

Hi everyone hope you are all well. Day 2 of the school holidays and everyone has survived (will countdown til schools back in this big brother meets Zombie film mode I think lol)

Anyway Im exhausted so just a quick outfit post today, we have been out most of the day from 10 this morning to a museaum, the park then the beach. I really love where I live and try to make the most of the fact we have the countryside on our doorstep and the beach 20 minutes away. But boy fresh air is exhausting!

So anyway to stop myself from getting in the jeans and tshirt rut I decided the only thing that would help was a dress and high boots! Maybe not practical for running around after kids (was especially funny trying to run after Jasmine in the park in these boots- not lol)

Pretty muted colourwise: Ditsy print gysy style dress- bargain 99p ebay-yayay, plain black long sleeve tshirt under and black leggings...teamed with my brown boots from yesterday (Im so boring with my shoes at the minute I have too many but tend to pick up the last thing I wore...need to set myself a challenge on this I think). Long silver heart pendant which is old and battered as when I used to wear it to work and it always clanged off my desk when I sat down...but I think its battered state adds to its charm, some double layered diamonte heart earrings (tried to get a pic of thes but camera wasnt playing) and because I have to have a butterfly somewhere on me at all times (well except for the tattoo of one I have on my shoulder) a buttefly clip in my messed up hair. Please excuse the staet of my horrible carpet its awful and getting replaced soon! I dont live in a pigsty really and will try to get some pics done tomorrow in my lovely decorated downstairs lol

Right off to plan tomorrows day out *yawn*

PS I will leave you with a pic of Jasmine on Muffin the Mule- just cause shes too cute not to brighten up anyones day! (even if she has a slightly demonic look in her red eyes lol)

Monday, 15 February 2010

She's my Tallahassee Lassie, down in F.L.A........

Happy Monday everyone!

First day of the half term school holidays here. Its 12 mid day and we have already been on a bike ride and watched (too many) episodes of Spongebob Squarepants (oops).

Anyway school hols need pratical clothing the kind that you dont mind getting grubby when you are trecking over freezing, sodden fields with 3 kids on their bikes (like this morning)...however I dont want to be living in jeans all week so Im going to have to be creative.

But today I have reverted to the usual uniform of jeans, shirt and boots (as I had literally 5 minutes to get dressed this monrning and seeing as Jamie went to work at 6.30 I sure as hell wasnt going to get dressed before he went so had to fit it in somehow...luckily I have 2 older kids who can be called upon (bribed) into watching their sister for a few minutes while mummy makes herself look like like a fairytale monster)..skinny flare jeans M and S via ebay, checked shirt Peacocks online sale, boots Clarks via ebay (I changed these however when we went out into old fake uggs for obvious reasons so kinda cheating here lol) long butterfly necklace- next gifted, stack of wooden bangles- various- trying not to let my 3 year old pinch these as she invairably does and I spend half the night looking for them usually to be found under the sofa or behind the tv.... Sorry for my moody face today this was the millionth picture I had taken trying to get a good shot and I have red eye but who cares!...Im getting there but Im no David Bailey yet!

Hope you all have a pleasant Monday! x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happiness hit her like a train on a track

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

We dont "do" Valentines (which I wont go into here! lol) but hope you all had a pleasant day.

Dressed so casually today theres no point in having a pic but thought I would share my recent ebay purchase...a lovely summer dress with what was described as a "seagull print" but I think it looks much more like a flock of swallows....bargain-agogo at 3.50 inclusive of postage- cant wait to get it! Hopefuly we will get a summer this year!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

I see a red door and I want it painted black, no colours anymore I want them to turn black

Happy Saturday all! Wet and miserable day here. Eldest son is having friends over so my living room will be filled with 12 year old boys squabbling over xbox games, so I am planning a lovely afternoon by myself rearranging my wardrobe (ie hiding from all of them).

Title of this post is lyrics from Rolling Stones Paint it black...on those random quizzes you get on facebook and the like "what song are you" I always end up with this one...says a lot about me then! Music features as a big part of my life and I mostly walk around singing some random track to myself...I would much rather have my mp3 player on than the tv to fill the background with noise

Ok to todays outfit. I thought since I was in the house all day I may as well try out the new ebay bargain for shortness factor...So far its not too bad but Im wondering if the shape is too young for me? It reminds me of a ballet skirt with its shape so thought I would run with that and teamed it with a mock wrap tshirt that kind of looks like a ballet top...ok maybe not...maybe I just picked up the first thing that came to hand? Thick black tights accompany the outfit and my white pumps bought from Matalan last year and still going strong.... Silver butterfly necklace (looks gold in the pic but its a blingy diamond silver) and earrings as standard for me! What do you think?

I apologise for the random setting of the pics on here I still havent figured out what Im doing! Oh and excuse the broken door thats another job that needs doing round here.......Also I look like I have really dodgy make up on here but I dont it must be the lighting....

Whats everyone up to today?