Thursday, 25 February 2010

You're making me dizzy my head is spinning......

Happy Thursday everyone- or plastic Friday as we used to call it at work (yes I wished my days away til the weekend!)

Im knackered today no reson for it maybe too much cooking and washing up yesterday- wish we had a dishwasher!

Well after my disaterous outfit choice yesterday (well maybe not but made me feel awful) I decided I would go back to what I know suits me and that is a skirt! And what a skirt, I love it, I love it, I love it! Did I mention I love this skirt? Its so bright and cheers me up when I wera it. The last time I wore this I paired it with tights but instantly felt too, I dunno, vunerable? Its quite a thin cotton so will be great in summer but in this weather it has to be put over leggings. Its weird isnt it? Leggings are not that much thicker than tights but they instantly make me feel more secure, anyone else get that?

I really wanted to wear it with black tights and my green mary janes but have played it safe and gone for the leggings and biker boots. Im kidding myself that the boots toughen it up and dont make me look frumpy lol.

I have teamed this with a long sleeve black v neck top with a turquoise cami under for modesty as this tops kinda low. Green and white buttefly necklace and matching long dangly butterfly earrings (love these have to wear them with a certain outfit) so kept everything toned down to let the skirt do the talking!

Oh and theres also a pic of the muffins I made yesterday- they were a bit browner *cough burnt* on the top but they taste fine...well according to the kids and the man they do I havent had one yet. Excuse the massive cage in the pic thats my guinea pigs!

Anyway have a good day everyone!

Ps check out the swishy spinning pic I want to do this all day in this skirt!