Thursday, 18 March 2010

No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight In the shadow of your heart

Happy Thursday everyone!

Sorry been bad blogger and been AWOL again the past few days to be honest I haven't been wearing anything worth picturing (well in my opinion) so I haven't bothered.

Still to get myself out of the jeans rut I have suffered over the past few days I decided the only thing to do was go with something that takes me out of my comfort zone as after all people will see me when I go out.

I had a confidence crash last night when trying to choose my outfit today but decided to just go for it, I mean whats the worst that could happen eh?

So today I'm wearing:

Black wrap dress: New Look via ebay
black cami under (for modesty lol)
black ruffle front pumps (I love these they are such a good staple item in my wardrobe!)
and *fanfare* bright bright blue tights! The pic show these as slightly darker but they are proper neon blue!
turquoise long necklace, dangly turquoise earrings and a turquoise wooden bangle.

to go with the bright blue I wore when I went out:

My bright mac, white sequin scarf and my over sized sequin bag (with added charms as the previous blog post shows)

I have tried to get a pic of my eye make up just a flick of turquiose eyeliner, it really suits my blue eyes I think.

I felt rather self conscious when I went out but my Oh said I looked lovely (his reaction was actually WOW you look great I love it!) I thought stuff it let people look if they want! And they did! I got some funny sidewards glances and one guy looked at me like I had grown two heads and threaten to eat his children! But hey I kind of like people looking at me now lol

And as promised as its Thursday I will announce the winner of my giveaway!

the winner is *drumroll*

..........Vix aka the lovely inspiring Vintage Vixen! Congratulations huni email me your details and i will pop your goodies in the post :)

So that's me for today what do you think of the outfit? Did I get it right?

Have a great day everyone :)