Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I don't care about the cameras, I don't care about the lights. All I wanted was an ordinary life.....

Happy Wednesday everyone!

WARNING this post is picture heavy so try to stay awake! lol

Been having a hard time trying to fit blogging into everyday doesnt help that I can only update my pics on the pc and not the laptop and the pc is soooo old and take a year to warm up!

Anyway yesterday it was raining and generally miserable so my outfit was somewhat casual. I wore:

Skinny jeans- New Look via ebay
long purple tunic top with face print and tie neck- Asda
black vest under- Primark
red and white converse style shoes- Next bought eons ago

Worn with my mac- this mac has literally starting paying for itself as it goes with everything and is so easy to wear- bought from Asda last year for £15 and worn a million times since then!

Todays outfit is a little more "dressed"...Im not going anywhere or doing anything but Im starting to feel more comfortable wearing an easy dress round the house than jeans (the jeans yesterday were taken off when I got home off the school run and replaced with joggers- they dig in lol)

Im wearing:

Blue ditsy print chiffon dress- ebay (think i got this for a silly price of 99p or something)

Black ruched sleeve cropped cardigan- ebay again.

Black wide waist belt- ha guess where? Yes Ebay! Need a new one of these as Ive had to create a new hole and its still too big for me!

diamond pattern tights- god knows where these are from they are so old- and a tad too big so may have to go on the recycling/ charity pile after I wear and wash them. Excuse the close up of my legs its the only way the apttern would show up!

Long antique style necklace- accessorize- Xmas present from the in laws

And my green wooden heel mary jane shoes- these drew some funny looks this morning dunno why?!

And now for some finds! Well I say finds I havent bought these recently they were found in the storage box on top of my wardrobe....I showed you on the last post my lovely wedges so that was find number one!

Find number 2: 50's style peeptoe slingback sandals with slight wedge heel:

I think these would go really well with my white floral dress in the summer?

Find number 3: Excuse the picture the camera doesnt like the colour of these (and my tights look all bobbly there which they arent)...Deep red velvet shoes with round toe and kitten heel. I bought these last year (or maybe the year before?) off ebay the seller said she bought them for a red nose day at work and only wore them once...they really are beautiful and I cant wait to wear them...not sure what with yet.

so there you go sorry for the mega long post and I hope you havent fallen asleep! What have you found recently that was stored away and you had forgotten about? Id love to know!

Have a good day everyone!


  1. lovely red shoes, miss!
    and i totally love the heart necklace! :) xx

  2. You look beautiful in the ditsy dress, and what great bargains, love the green MJ shoes too.
    Vicki xxx

  3. I love the ditsy dress and all of your divine shoes x

  4. You look fabulous in the dress!!! People are obviously just eyeing up your shoes in envy.

    Fab mustard slingbacks! x

  5. Fabulous ditsy dress, my dear and I love the cobalt blue mac! Better to be looked over than overlooked...that's what I always say.

  6. I love your necklace SO much!

    Those shoes are great - I don't know why people would be giving them funny looks at all, unless they were jealous I suppose!

  7. I adore the print on that dress and the shape so suits you. Both of the newly discovered pairs of shoes are gorgeous too!

  8. OH dear Ive just realised just how many typos there are in that post! Sorry!

    Thanks for the lovely comments though :)

  9. Those mustard wedge sandals are gorgeous!

  10. I love those teal coloured shoes, they're gorgeous! And Asda is great for clothes, sometimes. That blue mac is certainly a gorgeous colour though. Great pics, loved this post. xxx

  11. There's an award om my blog for you! x