Tuesday, 23 March 2010

She poured the drinks and she poured the power. Diamond girl who could talk for hours......

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been AWOL again (it seems a trend for me now) I havent been very well over the weekend and unable to do anything but sit and sleep!

Slightly better today still feel totally wiped out though have to get on with it..

Yesterdays outfit was completely thrown together as I didnt feel all there- I wanted to wear tights with this skirt but it was blowing a gale outside so though leggings may have been wiser.

I wore:

Floral ditsy print ruched hem skirt- bought in the Matalan sale about a month ago...not sure about this skirt yet i think its too puffy, would probably be better for the summer with sandals and a vest. Wore with black leggings, brown cami and black v neck top. My trusty black ruffle pumps. Like I say I wasnt "all there" when I chose this...

my hair is tied back as it was so windy. I wore my green and cream butterfly necklace and matching drop earrings.

todays outfit is casual...I wasnt going to blog this but after a recent discussion with the fashion girls on MSE where the point was made that we should show what we wear everyday whether it is glam or not. So hope you arent too bored lol

Im wearing:

Skinny jeans from new Look via ebay. Long grey pinstripe boyfriends shirt-Peacocks (not bought in the sale this shirt cost me £14!!- thats a lot for me and I dont do that very often lol). Knitted long waistcoat with slouchy pockets- ebay. This has a twisted halterneck which Ive tried to show in the first pic.

Green beads and my flower dangly earrings and my leopard print pumps. I wore my mac and a tigerskin patterned scarf when I went out.

And now a small idea thats just occured to when I was typing this up. A lot of my lovely followers are mad keen on reading, so Im thinking we should do a kind of book club thing...not that we have to read the same book and discuss it but maybe we do a book of the month (or every 2 days/one week if you are me and read avidly?!). Would be nice to see on other blogs what everyone is reading and get some new ideas for new reading material?

So this week I am reading a book I bought last year totally on a whim as I liked the synopsis. We have so many books in this house that certain ones tend to get overlooked for a while then its a treasure to find when tidying up.

Im currently reading this: Fiddleback by J.M Morris.

Ive never heard of this author before and I still dont know if they are male or female (have a feeling they are female though). Like I say it was bought on a whim and its a good little book. Its about a young woman who goes to search for her missing brother who seems to have vanished of the face of the earth. She finds herself in a small village in Yorkshire where her brother recently moved to from London...she discovers a lot of strange stuff going on in this village, and a lot of terryfying things happens to her, its all very pyschological...I cant explain it too much as there is a brilliant twist at the end, I love stories with a sting in the tail! Its nothing out of this world but a good book to curl up with at night (well I like to be a bit scared so this is good for me lol.)

Oh and check out my buttefly bookmark- bought at a recent trip to a museam.

So anyone else like to carry this onto their blogs? We could do it once a month even?

Have a great day everyone :)


  1. I like this idea, hun. I've been desperately trying to think of something other than outfits to post about recently, as I'm having some major body issues atm :S so i like this, and I'm in the book-a-day club too..

  2. I love this idea of a book club :) I also LOVE your skirt in the first outfit x

  3. Book club! A great idea. I do enjoy a good pyschological thriller - have you read Nicci French? Sounds just up your street.
    Love both outfits, especially the "puffy" skirt, I love imagintively cut clothing.

  4. Love the Paloma lyric title :)

    The slouchy waistcoat is gorgeous. I'm all for showing off the casual outfits - you look great!

    Definitely up for a book club.

  5. That's such a good idea, I'm always looking for book recommendations, or recommendations for anything really! I have almost the same bookmark, my youngest bought it me for Christmas.
    The pouffy skirt looks fab, I know how you feel though as I have a black one. It is a lovely style and it suits you so don't worry! =) x

  6. Book club! Great idea, not sure if my literary tastes will alienate everyone though. o_O'

    I like your casual look, it's stylish without trying too hard, and you look comfortable in it.

  7. Idea of a book club is fantastic! I'm an utter book worm so it would be brilliant, and your outfit is lovely too.

    Is that a guinea-pig cage I spy in the corner of your room? :) xxx

  8. Natasha yes it is smelly little so and so's Im such a softie I cant bear to put animals outside so they stay in the warmth of the living room (as the kitchens too small for the massive cage) lol Not really a home furnishing you would see in house an home but hey!

  9. I like the idea of a book club- maybe we should put down our tastes then we can pick books that suit most people x