Friday, 19 March 2010

Springtime is on my mind, Flowers blooming, all the time

Happy Friday everyone! Yay!

I apologise for the awful lyrics quote but I wanted something springlike and couldnt think of anything else!

Im feeling all happy today, the sun is shining (the wind is blowing but Im again ignoring that), the crocuses are blooming and it looks like the weather is finally changing (albeit with the wind). Ha probably jinxed it now!

To reflect this Im wearing:

White floral dress- Peacocks in the sale- had this ages and its just sat in my wardobe, the problem with it is it has a cutaway back with a big bow, which is lovely but the cutaway bit rests just where my bra strap is- not a good look!I tried to get a pic of this but everyone made it look cheap and tacky which is isnt really.

To conteract this and make it more for daytime, I have teamed this up with a brown cami underneath, black leggings and my cropped ruched sleeve cardi.
I may change it for my pink cardi though as that seems to go better.

I wore my purple pumps with this and my mac and scarf as of yesterdays outfit. My battered long heart necklace and diamonte heart earrings complete the look.

My hair is a MESS Im sick of it its too long the fringe is all outgrown and has to be tied back all the I have decdied to get it cut at the end of the month (if I can get an appointment)...not sure what to go for need something easy to do, not too short but not too long...any suggestions my lovelies?

Have a great days everyone :)


  1. What a gorgeous dress, I like the black cardi it looks great. I have the same trouble with cut out backs, have you tried latering the dress over a black t- shirt to hide the bra?
    Vicki xx

  2. That dress is so lovely. I'm finding that a lot of similar dresses at the moment have the stupid cut out backs and so I always end up not buying them.

  3. oh i have this dress retro..i don't know why but i justr don't get on with it myself :S

  4. The dress is super, I do so love Peacocks, but there's no store local to me. :(

    The only thing I can suggest bra-wise is a multiway, but they're rarely that comfortable.

  5. Thank you everyone...yeah Im going to have to pull out the multiway bra if I wear this in the summer I think...bras are torture to me at the best of times I hate them and the multi is the worst lol Still we have to suffer to look good eh? lol

  6. Oh and Lou I dont get anything at the Peacocks store (well maybe some accesories, tights etc) as they never have anything nice in I get all my stuff online- they normally have a sale on constantly too...not that Im tempting anyone to buy or anything lol

  7. Oh that dress is soooo pretty! Darned cut-out backs, obviously designed by a bloke. A vest top in a clashing colour might look good.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. very pretty dress and great poses :)

    I think you should having your hair cut to sit between your shoulder and your ear would look good, not sure about a fringe though

    Have a great weekend xxx

  9. Eek, sorry I am so behind with your blog. I LOVE this dress on you x